Egypt prosecutor to appeal cancellation of Mubarak detention

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The Egyptian public prosecutor will appeal the recent decision of an Egyptian court to cancel a detention order against ousted President Hosni Mubarak pending a corruption trial, Al Arabiya correspondent reported on Saturdau.

However, Mubarak's lawyer said that the ousted president will remain in custody on other charges.

Mubarak, held in a south Cairo prison, has been charged in three cases, one for overseeing the killings of protesters during the early 2011 uprising against his regime, and two corruption cases.

The court on Saturday cancelled his detention on graft charges, a judicial source said, without giving more details. The charges related to his personal wealth that prosecutors say exceeds what he could have legitimately amassed.

Earlier this month, a court ordered his release on charges of responsibility for the deaths of protesters after the expiration of the maximum temporary detention of two years.

But his lawyer Farid al-Deeb said on Saturday Mubarak remained detained in yet another corruption case.

"There is still another case, and we will deal with it," he said.

Meanwhile, a spokesman from Egypt’s Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) – the Muslim Brotherhood’s political arm – said that his party considers Mubarak’s possible release a “red line.”

“If judges cannot achieve justice and hold these criminals accountable, then they should leave their posts and not take part in releasing Mubarak and his aides,” Murad Ali posted on his Facebook page.

“No one on Earth has the right to waive the rights of martyrs and the rights of the people whom Mubarak and his supporters [stole] from.”

Mubarak, 84, who has been under arrest since April 2011 was transferred back from military hospital to prison earlier this week to await trial on May 11 over the protesters' deaths during the uprising.

He was being treated for a heart condition, fractured ribs, fluid in the lungs, depression and high blood pressure, according to his lawyers and official accounts.