Nigerian Qaeda inmate kills Saudi prison guard

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A Nigerian al-Qaeda member imprisoned in Saudi Arabia killed a security guard in the Taef Province on Wednesday night after tricking him into his cell.

The inmate asked prison guards for a flame to light his cigarette and when he received it he set his blanket on fire.

When 27 years old corporal Abdulmughni al-Thubeity entered the cell to try to extinguish the fire, the inmate strangled him to death. Another security officer was injured in the incident.

The al-Qaeda inmate, Fahed Bakr Housawy, sought to escape from the prison but a police officer was able to control and prevent him, sources told al-Arabiya.

The sources said the prisoner was held over terrorism related charges in Saudi Arabia and Nigeria, and that he had met Osama bin Laden and pledged allegiance to him.

Housawy, 42, was stripped of his Saudi citizenship after being convicted of terrorism. He studied to the seventh grade and lived with his family in a Nigerian majority neighborhood in Taef. He worked as a driver then a plumber in two government agencies for about six years before becoming a freelance interpreter with al-Taef police.

He is suspected to have been dragged into terrorism by one of his brothers who had previously fought in Afghanistan. His brother Omran helped him reach Afghanistan through Pakistan, according to Al Arabiya sources.

In Kandahar he is believed to have received training at a camp operated by al-Qaeda. He then returned to Saudi Arabia to settle in Jeddah.

He was also believed to be gathering information for al-Qaeda on Nigeria and recruiting youngsters for the terrorist network. Two of his friends, Riyad and Mohamad al-Munshid, both traveled to Nigeria to meet with a number of al-Qaeda militants in Kano.