Gunmen attempting to cross into Turkey wound border guard

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A Turkish soldier was wounded in a clash with gunmen in a group of about 500 people trying to cross into Turkey from Syria, the Turkish military said on Thursday, reported Reuters.

It said troops in Hatay province fired across the border on Wednesday after coming under fire themselves from the gunmen who believed the soldiers would prevent the party from crossing, Reuters said.

The Turkish soldier, wounded in the knee, was the first such casualty in several similar border incidents in the past week, according to Reuters.

A similar incident of aggression occurred in the past when a twin car bombing took place along the Syrian border with Turkey.

The perpetrators were identified as groups that supported the Syrian regime and its intelligence services.

The Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinic previously declared that the Syrian regime was the “usual suspect.”

In the same vain, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said the blasts might be related to the conflict in Syria or to Turkey's own peace process with Kurdish militants.

“Another sensitive issue is that Hatay province [where the explosions occurred] is on the border with Syria, these actions may have been taken to provoke those sensitivities,” he said, reported Reuters.