France: More than 600 EU citizens fighting in Syria

Rebel fighters from the al-Ezz bin Abdul Salam Brigade attend a training session at an undisclosed location near the al-Turkman Mountains, in Syria’s northern Latakia province, on April 24, 2013. (File Photo: AFP)

More than 600 European nationals, including 120 from France, are fighting in Syria, French Interior Minister Manuel Valls told Al Arabiya on Friday.

Valls said the “the phenomenon of European fighters in Syria forms a serious and big terrorist and security challenge.”

He said many of those jihadists are fighting alongside groups to al-Qaeda, warning that their return could jeopardize the security of their home countries.

European Union states have agreed on Friday to cooperate in making sure that their citizens fighting in Syria do not veer into terrorism after they return to their countries, the Associated Press reported.

EU interior ministers pledged to raise the surveillance of social media, strengthen co-operation with neighboring states such as Turkey and demanded the European Parliament approve a legislation that will enable securities to trace suspicious travels to the Middle East.

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