Popular Egyptian boy becomes favorite for presidency on social media

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A 12 year old Egyptian boy has gained popularity on social media that tweeps are naming him the next President after a video in he called ousted Egyptian president Mohammad Mursi’s government a “fascist theocracy.”

“We didn’t get rid of a military regime to replace it with a fascist theocracy,” Ali Ahmed said in the video that was posted on YouTube on March 27 but that has recently gone viral.

The video seen more than 770,000 times has impressed viewers with the boy’s apparent intellect, sophisticated language, and deep knowledge of political issues.

The well-versed boy criticizes the Egyptian government for manipulating religion and enforcing extremist regulations in the name of religion.

“How come there are only seven ladies in the constituent assembly, six of whom are Islamists?” Ahmed asked.

“They say ladies are equal to men in all matters, except in matters that contradict the Shariah law (Islamic law),” he adds.

He stressed that the government manipulated the constitution, saying that anything that is built on “falsehood” …”will end up with something bad.”

“All of this [political process] is void, because the parliament in the first place is void,” Ali said.

The outspoken boy criticized regulations adopted from the Islamic Shariah law as “outrageous.” Ali provides an example saying “Islamic law allows men to discipline their wives.

“I can’t beat my wife up and almost kill her, and then tell you this is discipline. This is not discipline, this is abuse and insanity,” Ali exclaims.

Asked how he gained his knowledge, Ahmed said: “I listen to people a lot, and I use my own brain.”

“Plus I read newspapers, watch TV and search the internet,” he added.

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