Egyptian army video shows Islamists blocking roads, attacking vehicles

The Egyptian army has released video of footage of what it said were supporters of ousted president Mohammad Mursi blocking traffic and attacking private vehicles in central Cairo during a protest last Monday.

The violence took place when thousands of Islamist poured into Cairo’s iconic Ramsis Square and blocked the vital central Cairo October 6 bridge after breaking their Ramadan fast.

Police forces intervened and used tear gas to break up the protest, which ended early morning with seven people reportedly killed and dozens were injured.

Muslim Brotherhood leaders say their protests are peaceful, pointing to what they say is a trio of army, internal securities, and the media mounting a smear campaign against them and portraying them as violent extremists.

The Muslim Brotherhood and its Islamist allies have vowed to continue demonstrating until ousted president Mursi returns to power.

They have been camping for weeks at a central Cairo square, and their move on Monday to block roads and occupy other areas in Cairo was seen a tactical escalation to obstruct the work the transitional authorities and put more pressure on the military to meet their demands.

On Wednesday, thousands of Mursi’s supporters protested outside the prime minister's office and rallied through Cairo a day after the transitional Cabinet was unveiled.

Last Update: Wednesday, 20 May 2020 KSA 09:41 - GMT 06:41