Blacklist makes EU complicit in any Israeli raid, Hezbollah chief says

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The European Union shares responsibility for any Israeli attack against Lebanon or Hezbollah, the Shiite group’s chief said on Wednesday, two days after the EU decided to blacklist the party’s military wing.

“These [European] states have made themselves fully responsible for any Israeli attack on Lebanon or Lebanon’s resistance [Hezbollah] or any target of the resistance,” Hassan Nasrallah said in a televised speech, adding that the decision was “worthless.”

“These states need to know... that they are giving legal cover to Israel for any attack on Lebanon, because Israel can now claim to be fighting terrorism and to be bombing terrorist targets.”

According to the Hezbollah chief, the EU’s decision gives the Jewish state “a service for free.”

“This decision does not affect our willingness. Its objective is to make us bow, to force us to step back and to be afraid,” he said, adding: “But I tell you [Europeans]: all you will get is failure and disappointment.”

Hezbollah is considered to be more powerful that the Lebanese army and, along with its allies, plays a dominant role in government.

The EU’s 28 foreign ministers placed Hezbollah’s armed wing on the union’s terror list on Monday. The United States and ally Israel both consider the Iran-backed group a terrorist organization.

(With AFP)

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