Bomb explodes at Egypt police station amid deadly rival clashes

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One person was killed and 17 others wounded after a bomb was hurled at a police station in an Egyptian province early Wednesday, security sources said.

The bomb was thrown by unknown assailants from a passing car in Mansoura, a province north of Cairo.

The violence came a day after clashes in Cairo between opponents and Islamist supporters of Egypt's deposed president, Mohammed Mursi, which killed least 10 people.

Shortly after Wednesday’s explosion, a Health Ministry statement confirmed one person was killed and 12 were injured. Security sources speaking to Reuters put the injuries toll at 17.

In a separate incident on Wednesday, at least one Mursi supporter was killed during a protest march in Cairo, a security source and the Muslim Brotherhood said.

The Muslim Brotherhood said on its website that police in civilian clothes had opened fire using live ammunition early on Wednesday on marching Mursi supporters, killing two and injuring others, Reuters reported.

The Muslim Brotherhood has accused the Ministry of Interior of using thugs in plain clothes to attack protesters, but security officials have denied this accusation.

The recent violence has pushed the deaths to at least 100 since the army deposed Mursi and replaced him with an interim administration led by Adli Mansour, the head of the constitutional court.

Egypt can expect new elections to be held in about six months.

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