Video: Syrian officer drops own arm, talks to rebels

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The video of a Syrian regime officer who dropped his weapon to engage in talks with his rebel enemies has gone viral on the internet.

“We did not come to destroy or harm anyone, because you are our families and brothers,” the soldier shouted to a group of rebel fighters after an exchange of gunfire.

“Regardless of where you are from, you are Syrian so you are my brother,” he added.

The voice of rebels can be heard in the background.

One rebel asked the soldier to come forward and offered him safety.

When the army officer reached the rebels, he is seen talking with one of them.

“I was enrolled in the Syrian army with you, and I’ve witnessed the unfair way in which you treat civilians,” one rebel told the officer.

The officer replied: “A corrupt officer or a minister comes along and ruins everything for all of us… every household has one bad person, but that doesn’t mean the entire family is bad,” the soldier said.

Another male voice is heard asking the soldier where he was from, but the soldier refused to identify which area he came from, he just said “I’m Syrian.”

“I volunteered in the army, and I studied engineering, and I thank you and my country,” the officer said.

The Syrian regime said in a statement that the rare peaceful encounter was part of a cease fire agreement and that the officer was killed in a subsequent battle.