Ashton: European Union to continue Egypt mediation

A supporter of deposed Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi, wearing a Mursi poster around his head, stands with other protesters during an anti-army rally in Cairo on July 30, 2013. (Reuters)

The European Union will continue its efforts to mediate an end to the crisis in Egypt, Foreign Policy Chief Catherine Ashton said on Tuesday at the end of a visit to Cairo.

Speaking alongside interim Vice President Mohammed al-Baradei, Ashton said EU diplomats would be in Egypt to continue the effort. “I will come back,” she said, adding it was up to Egyptian politicians to “make the right decisions.”

Baradei said he was optimistic sit-ins by the Muslim Brotherhood, which is protesting against the army's overthrow of President Mohammed Mursi could be ended peacefully: “Once we contain the violence that is taking place, then there will be room for a peaceful way to disband the demonstrations indifferent parts of the country and go into a serious dialogue,” he said.

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