Tunisia’s ‘rebellion’ campaign collects 1.7 million anti-govt votes

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Inspired by Egypt’s “Tamarod” (rebellion) campaign, a Tunisian petition has so far collected around 1.7 million signatures in a move to oust the current Islamist government, the group’s founder said in an interview with the pan-Arab Asharq al-Awsat newspaper published on Monday.

The founder Mohamed Bennour said the group is determined to bring down the current government, regardless of any attempts for national dialogue between the opposition and the governing authorities.

Bennour also accused the governing coalition of continuously attacking the movement and sparking conflicts between its members.

In the interview, Bennour said that “Tamarod” was the “first to light the spark of a rebellion” against the current government by demanding the dissolution of parliament.

The movement was launched in June, spearheading demands for a new constitution that would represent all Tunisians.

Tunisia’s National Constituent Assembly has failed to adopt a new constitution nearly two years after it was elected, due to a lack of consensus among MPs, and has also been repeatedly criticized for its inefficiency and the non-attendance of members.

Tunisia’s “Tamarod” was inspired by Egypt’s version of the grassroots movements which was founded in April and collected more than 22 million votes against the currently ousted Islamist government in Egypt by June 29, 2013.

Egypt's movement mobilized thousands and paved the way for the military overthrow of former President Mohammad Mursi.

They are believed to have ignited the Egyptian protests , which preceded the 2013 Egyptian coup d’état.