FSA chief: ‘Indicators’ show Congress would vote against Syria strike

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Head of Syria’s rebel Free Syrian Army said on Friday there are indicators that the U.S. Congress would vote against a possible military action targeting the Syrian regime.

FSA Gen. Salim Idriss appealed in an interview with Al Arabiya for the U.S. Congress to authorize a military strike against the regime of President Bashar al-Assad.

Gen. Idriss said a refusal by Congress means that Syrian people will be left alone to face Assad.

President Barack Obama’s proposal includes a limited military operation in Syria in response to the use of chemical weapons against civilians on Aug. 21.

But many members of Congress are reluctant to authorize action and are worried that a strike could lead to wider military involvement in the Syrian war and escalate violence in the region.

Idriss spoke about the FSA’s Thursday attack outside the Christian-dominated village of Maaloula.

HE said FSA units captured military positions outside Maaloula after heavy clashes with Assad troops.

The move highlighted the delicate position of Syria’s Christian minority.

Idriss said the Syrian regime attempts to damage the opposition’s image by portraying itself as the defender of minorities in Syria.

The FSA chief urged rebels to protect all Syrians regardless of their ethnic or ideological background.