Iran’s Khamenei urges ‘heroic leniency’ with the West

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Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei said on Tuesday that Iran should pursue “heroic leniency” with the West over its nuclear program, adding that flexibility is needed in international relations.

Khamenei made his call during a meeting with Revolutionary Guards commanders. “I do not oppose the right diplomatic steps,” he added.

"A wrestler who has to show flexibility sometimes should not forget his main objective," the supreme leader said.

Khamaeni’s statement came a month after reformist leader President Hassan Rowhani was elected as president. After his election, Rowhani pledged to pursue a flexible approach with the West.

On Monday former spokesman for Iran’s nuclear negotiators Hossein Mousavian wrote in an opinion published by the Jordan Times that Khamenei has given the green light for President Rowhani to engage in direct talks with the United States.

Mousavian was discussing how a U.S. attack on Syria would have delayed the negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program.

“Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has issued permission for President Hassan Rowhani’s new administration to enter into direct talks with the U.S. No better opportunity to end decades of bilateral hostility is likely to come along,” Mousavian wrote.

“In these circumstances, a U.S. attack on Syria would almost certainly dash any hope of a U.S.-Iran rapprochement for years to come,” he added.

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