Saudi Crown Prince Salman addresses frustrations over housing, unemployment

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Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud urged citizens on Sunday not to submit to frustrations over housing and unemployment, noting the government’s efforts to provide lasting solutions to social issues.

“Focus on the imperfections and defects in a way that exceeds the advantages and benefits no matter how great they are is an ordinary matter, but this frustrating feeling should not be in control to prevent us from work and production,” the crown prince said in a speech to the nation on the eve of the 83rd anniversary of its National Day.

“The state is striving tirelessly to achieve the well-being of citizens and is looking for shortcomings in housing issues, providing jobs and health care, education quality and efficiency of the work of the services departments,” Prince Salma said, according the Saudi Press Agency.

He appealed for helping the government achieve those goals with “sound criticism, advice and opinion and not with destructive attack.”

“Let our criterion be the performance of the institutions and their production, not persons and names, as this is not our ethics or teachings of our religion,” he added.

The crown prince noted that challenges facing the youth in particular “occupy the largest space and enjoy the greatest attention” of King Abdullah bin Adbulaziz.

He congratulated the Saudis on their National Day and pledged continuous efforts towards more developments and state building.

“I am pleased to share citizens of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with their joy on the 83rd anniversary of the National Day which is a dear anniversary for the unification of our country,” he said.

Saudis are gearing up to celebrate the National Day with preparations underway throughout the kingdom.

In Makkah, more than 190 activities are planned. In Riyadh, celebrations will be held in seven designated sites with fireworks expected to light the Saudi capital's skies on Monday.

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