Video shows Sudanese woman flogged for riding in car with stranger

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A video being circulated by media outlets shows an Sudanese woman being flogged by a police officer, who apepears to be punishing her for riding a car with a man she was not related to.

The footage shows a woman sitting on the floor, crying in pain, as lashes hit her back while a crowd watches the scene.

The woman, is sitting on the ground and tries to cover up her head with her pink veil every time it slips. The video is believed to have been taken in the Sudanese capital Khartoum, the Daily Mail reported.

Whilst flogger her, the officer scolds the victim by telling her she should not have been in the car and she should not have sat in the front seat. “This is in order not to ride a car anymore,” the officer told her.

“In this video, the tormentors wanted to humiliate this woman, because in addition to being whipped, she is exposed to curious onlookers. The treatment is really degrading,” Nahid Jabr Allah, an activist for the Organization for the Defense of Women’s and Children’s Rights in Sudan, was quoted by France24 as saying.

Jabr Allah is part of a campaign seeking to repeal the law on public order is currently supporting Sudanese female journalist Amira Osmane who was arrested for not wearing the hijab. She was reportedly subjected to verbal abuse and if found guilty, according to the campaign, could be flogged, fined and or jailed.

Article 152 of Sudan’s 1991 Criminal Act under the so-called “Public Order Law” allows police to whip women for violations of “public decency.”

It came into effect when General Omar al-Bashir became the country’s president following a military takeover in 1989.

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