Syrian deputy PM says Geneva peace talks planned for late November

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Syrian Deputy Prime Minister Qadri Jamil said on Thursday that Geneva II, an international conference aimed at seeking an end to the country’s civil war, is scheduled to be held between Nov. 23-24, reported Reuters.

Jamil announced the dates at a news conference in Moscow when asked whether the discussions would be pushed back from mid-November to late November or December this year.

Russia and the United States have been trying to organize the conference since May.

Earlier this week, the main Syrian opposition group within the Syrian National Coalition (SNC) said it would not attend Geneva II.

“The Syrian National Council, which is the biggest bloc in the Coalition, has taken the firm decision... not to go to Geneva, under the present circumstances [on the ground],” Council President George Sabra told Agence France-Presse.

“This means that we will not stay in the Coalition if it goes” to the peace talks in Geneva, he added.

He said the SNC will not negotiate before the fall of the regime amid the ongoing suffering of Syrians on the ground, according to AFP.

(With Reuters and AFP)