Jordanian official: states must cooperate more on intelligence gathering

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In order for countries to be secured they need to work together by cooperating on intelligence gathering, Jordan’s Interior Minister Hazza’ al-Majali told Al Arabiya's Point of Order with Hasan Muawad.

“No country can be secured without regional and international cooperation,” Majali told Al Arabiya News channel.

He said data banks shared among neighboring, regional and international countries are essential for the security of each country.

“Any terrorist poses a threat to the world, not just on one country,” he said.

In Jordan he said the king has led a “white revolution” to answer people’s demands and a “soft security” approach in dealing with street protests. Some activists were detained “for breaching the law” and were not subject to security abuse, the minister said.

Jordan has received a large number of Syrian refugees, escaping deadly violence in their country as the 32-month conflict is continuing unabated. The minister said “there are 1,300,000 Syrians living in Jordan. Someone needs to look after them.”

While Jordan’s Zaatari camp for Syrians has become one of the largest refugee camps in the world, the influx of the large number of Syrians have also posed as a potential security threat for the country.

To show Jordan is already cooperating and working hard to stave off radical Islamists from spreading in the region, Majali said his country “strongly” forbids extremists from crossing into Syria

He added: “One must control the exit to secure the entry.”