Video emerges of Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zeidan’s abduction

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A video showing the abduction of Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zeidan by gunmen last month went viral on social media late Friday.

An armed group of former Libyan rebels seized Zeidan from a Tripoli hotel on Oct. 10 and released him later in the day.

Libyan Facebook users have been sharing footage showing the Libyan premier in his sleepwear being driven out of a hotel in Tripoli.

Zeidan’s abduction has shed light on the chaotic state of Libya's security services, with various units run by former rebels from the country's 2011 uprising.

The prime minister was kidnapped by the Operations Room of Libya’s Revolutionaries.

The group of former rebels criticized Zeidan over reports that the government had been informed in advance of a U.S. raid to capture an al-Qaeda suspect there.

Zeidan, who has been release unharmed, said that his captors had tried to force him to resign.

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