Egypt counter terrorism officer shot dead

Al-Qaeda-inspired groups have claimed similar attacks across Egypt in recent months

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An Egyptian counter terrorism officer was shot dead by unidentified gunmen late Sunday in Cairo, the interior ministry said.

The officer who works with the Egyptian national security agency was gunned down in his car as he drove to his office, the interior ministry said in a statement, according to Agence France-Presse.

The dead officer was identified by security officials as Mohammad Mabruk who had worked on militant Islamist groups.

Militant attacks targeted at security convoys have escalated in the country, particularly in the Sinai Peninsula since the overthrow of former President Mohammad Mursi.

The latest incident in October saw the death of three policemen who were posted near the University of Mansoura in Egypt's Nile Delta region.

Al-Qaeda-inspired groups have claimed a number of attacks in the capital, including a September bombing that targeted the interior minister who survived the bombing.

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