Majority of Egyptian expats vote ‘yes’ on constitution

Egyptian expatriates began casting their ballots on the draft of the new constitution in 161 countries last week

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The majority of Egyptian expats who participated in the referendum on a new constitution have approved the charter, according to Egyptian officials.

Egyptian foreign affairs ministry spokesman Badr Abdelatty told private Egyptian news channel CBC that by early Sunday around 95,000 Egyptian expats participated in the referendum.

Egyptian expatriates began casting their ballots on the draft of the new constitution in 161 countries last week. They voted from Jan. 8-12 ahead of the referendum at home which is slated for Jan. 14-15.

Egyptian expatriates won the right to cast their votes abroad following the Jan. 25 revolution in 2011.

The new constitution will be the first step in the army’s political transition plan that should conclude with parliamentary and presidential elections next year.

Egyptians around the world

98% of Egyptian voters in Saudi Arabia voted “yes” in the referendum. 23,011 out of 23,651 voted “yes”, 474 voted “no” while the other 166 votes were annulled, Al Arabiya News Channel’s Riyadh correspondent reported.

Egypt’s ambassador to Saudi Arabia Afifi Abdelwahab said the referendum process went smooth in both the embassy’s headquarters in Riyadh and the consulate’s headquarters in Jeddah.

He also commended the Saudi authorities’ cooperation during the referendum as well as the Egyptians’ civilized behavior.

Egypt’s ambassador to the UAE Ehab Hamouda said 90% of voters voted “yes,” the al-Masry al-Youm daily reported.

“The percentage of voters is around 2,000 less than the last referendum because voting via mail was cancelled,” Hamouda added.

Egypt’s ambassador to Jordan said the number of registered voters reached 4,291, adding that 546 participated in the voting process.

He also said that 531 voted “yes,” 14 voted “no” while one vote was annulled.

Egypt’s ambassador to Libya Mohammed Abu Bakr told the Middle East news agency that 97.5% of voters voted “yes.”

Meanwhile, Egypt’s ambassador to Washington Mohammed Toufic said 95.5% of voters voted “yes,” al-Youm al-Sabea newspaper reported.

Toufic said the number of registered voters reached 6,885, adding that the number of those who voted reached 844.

According to the envoy, 810 voted “yes,” 32 voted “no” while two votes were annulled.

Egypt’s ambassador to Paris Mohammad Mustafa Kamal told the Middle East news agency the number of voters was 2111, adding that nine of these votes were annulled.

Kamal added that 98.5% of the approved votes voted “yes.”

Egypt’s ambassador to Rome Amr Helmi said the number of voters was double the number during the 2012 referendum.

He added that 714 voted “yes,” 4 voted “no” while 3 votes were annulled.

Consul General in Milan Ali al-Halawani said that out of 2,302 votes, 2,262 voted “yes,” 28 voted “no” while 12 votes were annulled.

The number of registered voters in Milan reached 8560.