Yarmouk camp resident ‘can’t remember’ last time he ate

Social media users shared a video of a starving elderly man in Syria’s besieged Yarmouk refugee camp

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A starving elderly man appeared in a video this week expressing the agony of finding food in Syria’s besieged Yarmouk refugee camp.

The 27-second footage showing his severe malnutrition went viral on social media, as it signaled the humanitarian disaster in the Palestinian refugee camp, which has been ongoing for months.

“I can’t remember,” the man said when asked by the camera-holder when was the last time he had eaten.

Images of starving Palestinian refugees have shocked many worldwide, with children and women in labor dying due to lack of food.

Syrian activists have called on opposition members attending the peace conference in Geneva to display the video, along with other pictures, to global leaders.

Some 45,000 people in Yarmouk, mostly Palestinians, have been besieged for months by Syrian government forces, with little access to food and medicine according to the United Nations.

U.N. aid workers negotiating with government forces to help residents in Yarmouk earlier this week failed to deliver 400 cartons of food.

They said Syrian soldiers blocked the entry of aid, claiming that they fear it may go to rebels fighting President Bashar al-Assad.

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