Egypt’s Amr Moussa supports General Sisi for president

The veteran Egyptian politician says the situation in Egypt is deteriorating ‘day by day’

Faisal J. Abbas
Faisal J. Abbas - Al Arabiya News – Davos
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Speaking to Al Arabiya News in Davos on Friday, veteran Egyptian politician and the chairman of the Constituent Assembly Amr Moussa voiced his support for army chief Gen. Abdel Fattah el-Sisi running for presidency.

Moussa, who was a former candidate in the 2012 presidential elections, said he does not plan to run for president this time but that if Gen. Sisi decides to run he would support him.

“I do support Gen. Abdel Fattah el-Sisi if he runs for president,” Mousa said.

“But until now I don’t know as I am a normal citizen who doesn’t know if he will run for president or not,” he added.

Mousa was speaking to Al Arabiya News as Egypt was engulfed in yet another day of bloody violence, with four explosions ripping through the capital Cairo and heavy clashes erupting in several parts of the country between Islamist protesters and security forces.

He said the bombings that killed six people in Cairo are “negative cases that cannot determine the outcome of the revolution.”
“The entire society must stand against these acts of terror,” Moussa said, without pointing fingers at any particular group.

“I do think it is a terrorist attack, and the ones behind these attacks are terrorists but to tell you exactly who it is, no one knows about that, no one claimed responsibility,” he said.

The government has declared the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist attack and has blamed the country’s largest Islamist movement for the wave of violence that hit Egypt since the ouster of former President Mohammad Mursi on July 3.

The Muslim Brotherhood refuses to recognize the military-backed authorities and rejects a political roadmap proposed by Gen. Sisi when Mursi was ousted.

Moussa said the political instability has cost the country a lot. “The situation [in Egypt] is deteriorating day by day; there is no maintenance of Egypt neither rebuilding of the country at the moment.”

He noted that in order for stability to return to the country, “Egyptians must respect the roadmap and not go back or stop.

Number 2, security must be restored. Number 3, the constitution which was approved this week must open the door for absolutely all Egyptian citizens and not exclude anyone at all.”

“All Egyptians must enjoy all their rights as citizens no matter their political views,” the veteran politician said.

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