Police: Two bombs wound six officers in Cairo

Egypt has seen a wave of attacks claimed by jihadist groups since the army removed Islamist President Mohammad Mursi

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Six Egyptian policemen were wounded in a bomb attack in the capital on Friday, Agence France-Presse reported an interior ministry official as saying.

Two small bombs were set off near policemen stationed on a bridge, the official said. It was not immediately clear whether the devices had been planted there or were thrown by assailants.

A security source told Reuters the explosions occurred near a police station in Giza, a large district on the outskirts of Cairo. The source said that three people were injured.

Meanwhile, the local Youm7 newspaper reported that the two blasts targeted vehicles belonging to the Egyptian security forces at Giza bridge in Cairo.

“There was one powerful blast at 9:45 am (0745 GMT), followed by another, less powerful, two minutes later,” a resident told AFP.

The resident said the explosions sounded as though they came from an area near Cairo University of the sprawling Giza district, which is home to the Pyramids.

Another resident said ambulances and fire engines were converging on Giza.

Egyptian television initially said that there were no casualties after the two explosions, which went off in the space of two minutes.

Egypt has seen a wave of attacks claimed by jihadist groups since the arm removed its first freely elected president, Islamist Mohammad Mursi, last year and cracked down on his supporters.

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