Amr Moussa: Sisi will run for presidency

Veteran Egyptian diplomat Amr Moussa met with Field Marshal Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi on Tuesday at the defense ministry

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Egypt’s army chief Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi has decided to run for presidency and will make a public announcement in the near future, veteran Egyptian diplomat Amr Moussa said on Tuesday after a meeting with the military strongman.

Sisi’s presidency bid has been widely anticipated. Last week, a Kuwaiti newspaper reported that he the army chief decided to run for presidency.

In a lengthy interview with the daily al-Siyasa newspaper, Sisi reportedly said he “would fulfill the people’s demands to run for president.”

The report stirred uproar among Egyptians, with many upset that the army chief first announced his decision to a foreign media outlet.

In a move to calm the situation, the military dismissed the report saying it was “merely journalistic speculation and not a direct statement from Field Marshal el-Sisi.”

In a statement posted on Facebook, Egypt’s military spokesman Ahmed Ali said the decision "personally taken [by el-Sisi] in front of the great Egyptian people, clearly and directly, without doubt or speculation.”

Egypt’s Supreme Military Council gave Sisi the green light to run for presidency last month, on the same day that interim President Adly Mansour promoted him to field marshal.