Iraqi who called for war with Kurds barred from polls

AlArabiya Coalition’s Mishan al-Jabouri was barred from running in the polls due to statements that were provocative to national sentiments

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Iraq’s electoral commission barred Tuesday Sunni Arab politician Misha'an al-Juburi from running in the upcoming general elections after the candidate called for war against the country’s Kurdish population.

“Jabouri’s [candidacy] was withdrawn due to statements he made in the media during the campaigning period … that were provocative to national sentiments,” Safa al-Musawi, the spokesperson for the Independent High Electoral Commission, said in a statement.

In his campaign, Juburi had called for waging war against Iraqi Kurds.

Musawi called on all candidates and coalitions involved in the parliamentary elections to abide by campaign rules drawn up the commission.

Campaigning for Iraq’s parliamentary elections officially kicked off last week despite a peak in violence, particularly in the western Anbar province.

Political parties will vie for 328 seats in the Council of Representatives during the elections that will be held on April 30, with no single political bloc expected to win a majority in the house.

Prime Minister Nouri Maliki is eyeing a third term in office and his State of Law alliance is widely viewed as the front runner in the elections.

The United Nations has described the elections as “highly decisive.”

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