Iraq electoral commission says it received 854 violation complaints

Workers from Iraqi Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) count votes at an analysis center in Baghdad May 3, 2014. (Reuters)

Iraq’s Independent High Electoral Commission said it received 854 complaints claiming violations during the country’s parliamentary elections that took place in late April, Al Arabiya News Channel reported Sunday.

Despite the participation of international monitors, the commission said the complaints filed include all categories and areas.

The elections process started with Iraqis living abroad, then for army and police force, and later for general public to cast their votes.

However, it didn’t specify what kind of violations they were.

Head of the National Accord Party Ayad Allawi warned of possible violations which could take place during the final process of counting and sorting the votes.

Meanwhile, the commission warned that some media reports on the elections’ results are inaccurate and false, adding that it was the only one authorized of announcing the official outcome.

It said final results will take several weeks.

It is expected that no political bloc will attain a majority in the 328-parliament consisting, most likely repeating a similar scenario of the previous elections when coalitions talks delayed government formation.

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