Syrian activists report fresh poison gas attack

A Syrian opposition group says more than 130 villagers in the central province of Hama are in critical condition as a result of a poisonous gas attack

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A Syrian opposition group on Tuesday said more than 130 villagers in the central province of Hama were in need of medical attention as a result of an alledged poison gas attack launched by the Damascus regime a day earlier.

The Hama Media Center said the victims of the attack in Kfar Zeita were all showing extreme difficulties breathing, including 21 children who were in critical condition.

Activists allege regime helicopters have frequently dropped chlorine gas canisters on Kfar Zeita.

Several videos posted on the Internet showed men and children being treated in a field hospital.

In one video a girl clasped her chest with both hands as she struggled to control her coughing.

In another, a young man is lying down with locals and medical rushing to treat him.

The authenticity of the videos could not be verified.

Monday’s was the sixth alleged poison gas attack in the village in two months.

The regime of President Bashar al-Assad denies any involvement in chemical attacks on its territory, blaming them instead on rebels who are seeking to topple the Syrian leader.

The Syrian government agreed to dispose of its chemical arsenal after hundreds of people were killed in a sarin gas attack on the outskirts of Damascus in late 2013. The move came after the United States had threatened military action over the use of the banned weapons.