Egypt’s Sisi issues decree forming ‘legislation reform’ panel

The new decree assigns the committee to ‘review and finesse draft bills and decrees developed by ministries’

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Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi issued a new presidential decree on Monday forming a Supreme Committee for legislation reform, state-run Cairo daily al-Ahram reported on Monday.

The committee, which will include judges, lawyers, law professors and legal experts, will be tasked with preparing, researching and studying draft laws as well as decrees issued by the president and prime minister that must be issued or amended in compliance to the articles of the 2014 constitution.

According to the newspaper, the decree stipulates that all pieces of legislation must be in harmony with the clauses of the 2014 national charter.

The panel, headed by Prime Minister Ibrahim Mehleb, will include the ministers of parliamentary affairs and transitional justice, the head of the State Council, the state’s Mufti, al-Azhar’s deputy, the head of the cabinet’s advisory board, the head of the State Council’s legislative department and the justice minister’s assistant for legislation.

In addition to being tasked with eradicating duplicity, contradictions or ambiguity in legislation, the new decree assigns the committee to “review and finesse draft bills and decrees developed by ministries.”

Order of the Nile

During his inauguration on June 8, Sisi granted interim former President Adly Mansour the Order of the Nile, Egypt’s highest award.

The decision, which came during an evening inauguration ceremony at Cairo’s Quba palace, was in recognition of Mansour’s role in running Egypt during the nearly year-long transitional stage following the protests in June last year which led to the toppling the former Islamist President Mohammad Mursi.

As part of a post-Mursi road map announced by the army last summer, Egypt’s upper house of parliament was dissolved.

New committee will focus on draft laws and decrees ahead of upcoming parliamentary elections which is the last step of the road map.

According to 2014’s amended national charter, the upcoming parliamentary elections procedures must commence before July 17.