Iran army vows to fight ‘violations to hijab’

Hijab-related problems are most common in the summer season. (File Photo: AFP)

The Iranian armed forces' chief of staff says it is prepared to fight what it describes is the appearance of "moral and cultural rebellion" and “violations to the hijab.”

In a statement Friday carried by the Iranian Mehr news agency, the chief of staff said one of the aims of the "soft war" against the Islamic Republic was to spread "vice" and encourage "rebellion" against the country’s values and religious laws.

"This soft war against Iran begins with targeting chastity and hijab via media outlets and satellite channels," the statement said.

It also criticized citizens failing to adhere to the advice of Iran’s supreme leader regarding the "cultural attack and soft war" targeting the country.

The statement also voiced the command's "complete willingness to maintain cultural and religious values and to confront those rebelling and violating sanctities and religious laws."

The Iranian armed forces' staff command, which is headed by Maj. Gen. Hassan Fairuz Abadi, falls under the supervision of the supreme leader who is the commander-in-chief of the armed forces.

Hijab-related problems are most common in the summer season when conservatives insist on punishing women failing to adhere to the traditional veil.

Several hundred people demonstrated in Iran’s capital on Saturday to demand that state television boost “the culture of the veil and chastity” in its programming.

Under Islamic law in force in Iran since the 1979 Islamic Revolution, women must wear loose clothing and a hijab, a veil covering the hair and neck.

A police “morality” unit is responsible for enforcing the law and can impose fines or even arrest those who defy it.

But recent years have seen many women wearing a thin veil that covers the hair partially, tight clothing or coats reaching mid-thigh instead of the long coat or chador.

Last Update: Wednesday, 20 May 2020 KSA 09:42 - GMT 06:42