Female ‘jihadist’ vows to raise ISIS flag over Britain

The 20-year-old Scotswoman rejects her family's pleas to return home after she fled to join ISIS in Syria

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A 20-year-old Scotswoman who abandoned her family to join the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria has rejected pleas from her parents to return home, saying she would only come back to raise the ISIS flag over Britain.

Aqsa Mahmood has reportedly skipped university and left her family in Glasgow to flee to Syria since November last year.


She got married a few months later to an ISIS fighter, according to the Daily Mail.

A week after her parents held a news conference asking her to return home, Mahmood said Thursday she would not come back anytime soon.

Speaking on the anniversary of Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, Mahmood said on a blogging website: “The only time we will ever, ever return to those lands beithnillah [God willing] is to raise our flag,” reported the Daily Mail.

She slammed the British government’s stance against British militants in Syria and Iraq and described the international effort taken to combat ISIS as a “war against Islam.”

“This is a war against Islam and it is know (sic) that either ‘you’re with them or with us.’ So pick a side,” Mahmood wrote on her account, which is created under her adopted name “Umm Layth.”

“My dear brothers and sisters who are stuck in the west and restrained due to the kufr [infidel] governments know that indeed the help of Allah is always near, have Sabr [patience] and know that you will never be tested beyond your ability.

“And to those who are able and can still make your way, please ittaqillah [fear Allah] and don’t delay anymore, hasten hasten hasten to our lands and live in Izzah [honor] before it is made difficult for you. Know that these trialing times and do not miss out on any of the ajr [rewards].’

The parents of Aqsa, Khalida Mahmood and Muzaffar Mahmood, begged their daughter to return home in a conference held last week.

“You have betrayed us, our community and the people of Scotland when you took this step,” they said.

“Aqsa, you have torn the heart out of our family and changed our lives forever, please come home.”

The 20-year-old daughter was apparently in touch with her parents through social media since she left to Syria in November.

She later suspended her Twitter account after British newspapers reported her involvement with ISIS last Tuesday.

In her latest statements, Mahmood expressed her refusal to return, adding that her allegiance “is and will only be to our beloved Ameer, destroyer of the enemies, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and to the Islamic State.”

“The family you get in exchange for leaving the ones behind are like the pearl in comparison to the Shell you threw away into the foam of the sea,” she said as quoted by the British daily.

She then addresses U.S. President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron, saying the battle of ISIS will transcend to the West.

“Know this Cameron/Obama, you and your countries will be beneath our feet and your Kufr [infidel] will be destroyed, this is a promise from Allah swt that we have no doubt over.

“If not you then your grandchildren or their grandchildren. But worry not, somewhere along the line your blood will be spilled by our cubs in Dawlah [state].

“We have conquered these lands once Beithnillah [if God wills] we will do it again.”

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