Brother fears missing Saudi student now Islamist militant

'He is young. And he is a conservative Muslim. He was definitely indoctrinated,' said Meshaal Suhaimi' bother

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The Saudi student who “mysteriously” disappeared in Malaysia last month is believed to have joined one of the terrorist groups in Syria or Iraq, his brother told Al Arabiya.net.

Meshaal Suhaimi, who joined an English-language program in Sydney, Australia, last year, has been missing since Sep. 20. Suhaimi reportedly stopped attending his classes and left for Malaysia instead.

“He is young. And he is a conservative Muslim. He was definitely [indoctrinated],” said his brother, Mohammad Suhaimi. “We received pictures from one of his colleagues in Australia that prove that he is in a conflict zone.”

“We only knew about his disappearance three days before Eid [al-Adha]. We tried to call him but his phone was off. So we asked one of his friends to go to his apartment and he informed us that he wasn’t there,” said Suhaimi.

“We contacted the Saudi embassies in Australia, Malaysia, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates but we received no information from them,” added Suhaimi. “After many calls, one of his friends informed us that he had gone to the conflict.”

Al Arabiya.net could not independently verify the news of his joining an extremist group like the Nusra Front in war-torn Syria or the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

The Saudi embassy in Canberra issued a statement today saying that it immediately contacted the Australian authorities and began to investigate the student’s disappearance right after his family contacted the embassy on Oct. 6. The embassy was informed by Australian authorities that the student had left the country, said the statement.

The news comes two weeks after reports of the disappearance of another Saudi student, Abdullah al-Kadhi, who studied in the Los Angeles, the United States. Although there is still no evidence, Kadhi’s family is also worried he has been recruited to ISIS.