London hammer attack suspect admits to having a ‘temper’

Philip Spence, 32, assaulted three Emirati sisters at the Cumberland Hotel on April 6 in front of their children

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The man accused of beating three Emirati women in a luxury hotel in London appeared in court on Monday where he admitted to having a “temper,” Emirati newspaper Gulf News reported.

Philip Spence, 32, assaulted the three sisters at the Cumberland Hotel on April 6 in front of their children.

“I have a temper,” he said answering questions about past convictions he had received for assault.

“Is that something you have tried to deal with?” his lawyer asked.

“I have tried, I couldn’t get any assistance,” Spence answered as he reportedly wept.

Spence visited the Cumberland Hotel for the first time at 13 where him and his friends would meet on the hotel’s roof to “look at Oxford street and play.

“You would walk through the front door and just go upstairs in the lift,” he said.

A troubled past

As a homeless man, Spencer said he frequented the Cumberland Hotel which he considered “somewhere to eat and sleep.” He slept in the cleaning supplies closets and ate the food left on the trays outside the hotel.

At 19, he began using drugs and was eventually addicted to cocaine and heroin. He financed his habits with the unemployment benefits he received and theft, until he was arrested and put through rehab.

In 2012, he relapsed and started abusing cocaine and heroin.

Spence was born in Islington in northern London and was expelled from school at the tender age of eight for sexual abuse, Gulf News reported.

He has been charged with three counts of attempted murder, which he denied.

He did admit to three counts of causing grievous bodily harm with intent and one count of aggravated burglary.

Spence’s accomplice, 57-year-old Neofitos ‘Thomas’ Efremi confessed to withdrawing as much as £5,000 using the bank cards that Spence stole from the women after he assaulted them.