French ISIS fighters call for terror at home

One fighter says the 'mujahideen' will not hesitate to chop the heads of the 'enemies of Islam'

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The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militant group has released a video showing several French-speaking fighters calling on Muslims in France to launch a terror campaign at home.

The video, which according to the Guardian was released by ISIS’ media wing Al Hayat Media Department, shows a group of unmasked fighters around a fire in a wooded area, burning what appear to be their French passports.

One of them, identified as Abu Salman al-Faranci, says those who cannot join ISIS abroad “should operate within France.”

He added: “Terrorize them and don’t allow them to sleep due to fear and horror. Do whatever you can to humiliate them.”

Another fighter, identified as Abu Osama al-Faranci, castigates French Muslims for not emigrating to ISIS’ caliphate.

Another fighter, identified as Abu Maryam al-Faranci, says the “mujahideen” will not hesitate to chop the heads of the “enemies of Islam,” the newspaper reported. “You will even fear travelling to the market.”

Matthieu Guidere, a French university scholar of Islam, told Al Arabiya News that the footage comes in response to the campaign in France against militants who travel to Syria and Iraq to fight alongside ISIS.

“It’s more the French fighters in ISIS, than ISIS itself as an organization, who are turning against France,” Guidere said.

They are “talking to the French people, and I’m not sure that ISIS has given any instruction about this.”

This month, France passed legislation banning travel abroad to wage jihad. Authorities are increasingly worried about the rising number of citizens going to fight alongside jihadists in Iraq and Syria.

Around 1,000 French nationals are thought to have taken part in the conflicts in Syria and Iraq, with 375 currently there, the government has said.

French President Francois Hollande said recruits had been “brainwashed.”

Increasing involvement

On Wednesday, France said it had increased the number of warplanes involved in the campaign against ISIS.

The increasing involvement of Paris may lead to attacks on French soil, Guidere said. Such attacks “will strengthen... Hollande and his government because it will make people unify behind him against terrorists.”

Guidere added that “the only real victims would be French Muslims,” because they would “face more criticism and Islamophobia.”

France is a member of the international coalition fighting ISIS, although it has restricted its involvement to Iraq.

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