UAE’s al-Roeya newspaper lashes U.S. Mideast policy

The paper criticizes U.S. policy of 'double standards' in the Middle East

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A strongly-worded column published on UAE-based al-Roeya newspaper Tuesday and addressed to the U.S. ambassador in the United Arab Emirates accused Washington of seeking to "balkanize” the Middle East into “smaller, weaker and more desperate cantons."

The column, by Mohammad al-Omar, criticized the "inconsistency of the American political visions about the religious, political and social turbulences" of the Middle East.

It addressed U.S. "double standards" in tackling regional issues, namely in fighting ISIS in Iraq and Syria and refusing to support an Egyptian proposal for military action against extremists in Libya and Washington’s alleged support for the Muslim Brotherhood.

"Washington knows for sure that the Muslim Brotherhood is directly affiliated with the biggest terrorist organizations in the world, especially the ones that use religion to justify their criminal ideologies and wreak havoc in the Middle East," the column states.

"Despite all of this, the United States spared no effort to maintain them as a thorn in our side to weaken and blackmail some of the bigger and stronger Arab nations with the political and financial strength," it adds.

In addition, it addressed the perceived aspiration of Iran, described as Washington's ally, to fill in the void created by the chaos in the region.

"It is a strategic mistake for Iran, the eternal ally of Washington, to think that they would gain a foothold on Arab land," according to the writer.

The column also sought to remind Washington of previous regional stances that stood against U.S. policies in the Middle East, warning that "similar firm and heroic positions could be taken again."