Makkah Grand Mosque employees use sign language for deaf pilgrims

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The Grand Mosque’s Academy has trained 30 of the mosque’s employees on sign language to serve deaf pilgrims everywhere in the mosque, Makkah newspaper reported.

Head of the academy Waleed Basamad said the workshop was offered by the sign language instructor Mohammad Al-Abumadrah. Basamad said: “The academy offers training and workshop continuously but our sign language program was especially important."

“People with disabilities are just as equal as anyone else once they enter the House of Allah (the Grand Mosque).

“It is our duty to reach out to them and speak their language to ensure they are having a comfortable time in the mosque,” he said.

He added the academy has just completed its ninth training program under the title “Effective Communication Skills” and held its annual meeting to plan for next year’s programs.

“We promote friendly and welcoming attitudes among our employees to ensure they greet and receive the guests of the mosque in the most respectable manner.

“The academy aims to integrate the latest technologies in its program to reap maximum benefits and represent the mosque in the best way possible.”

This article was first published in the Saudi Gazette, March 22, 2015

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