New initiative in recruitment of housemaids in Saudi

Many Saudis cannot find a housemaid

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The private sector of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries signed an alliance to tackle the problems faced in the recruitment of housemaids. With their experience in recruitment of expatriates, the private sector in the Gulf countries could work together in resolving issues with regard to the hiring of expatriates, including the recruitment of house helps.

The Ministry of Labor’s International Affairs Deputy Head Ahmad Al-Faheed said the problems Saudi Arabia faces in the recruitment of housemaids are international.

“It’s not just Saudi Arabia or the Gulf countries which suffer from shortage of housemaids. It is an international problem. There is a shortage of housemaids everywhere. We have requested the private sector to submit their reports on the problems they face in recruiting expatriate workers, so we would be able to deal with the matter systematically,” said Al-Faheed.

He added the ministry does plan to comply with the citizens’ demands for more housemaids and the ministry has developed a few strategies to meet the demands.

“We have signed an official agreement with the Bangladesh Ministry of Expatriate Labor. We have also licensed new recruitment offices and companies to provide more options for the citizens. We have also tried to contact India to establish an agreement” said Al-Faheed.

No decisions

He added the Ministry of Labor would not take any international decisions without the recommendations of the Cabinet of Ministers.

“Many are contacting the National Recruitment Committee regarding the issue when the committee does not have the authority to issue new laws and sign new agreements. Our international communications only happens with the order of the Cabinet as it is the only way to ensure the rights of the citizens and the expatriates are not affected,” said Al-Faheed.

He added the recruitment of expatriates from Nepal has been suspended in all Gulf countries and not just Saudi Arabia.

“We have initiated contact between Saudi Arabia and Nepal but the Nepal government has asked for more time to comply with our recruitment rules and regulations. One of our strict regulations is for expatriates to pass the security checkup which is not usually a complication in the process of compliance,” said Al-Faheed.

He added the Ministry of Labor does not intend to hinder recruitment offices or disable citizens from receiving domestic help. “The recruitment cycle is a wide one with many directorates and offices. We all work together to meet the needs of the citizen without compromising his rights and safety,” said Al-Faheed.

This article was first published in the Saudi Gazette on March 22, 2015.