Libyan army shells extremist training camp south-east of Tripoli

Military escalation in Libya comes amidst U.N.-sponsored peace talks

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Libyan armed forces, of the internationally recognized government, shelled a training camp of Islamic militants in the town of Tarhunah, south east of the capital Tripoli, on Monday, killing or wounding several, Al Arabiya News Channel reported.

The army has launched this week a sweeping operation south of Tripoli, attacking the positions of both Islamic militants and the rival Dawn of Libya forces.

Libya has two governments and parliaments, and on Friday the internationally recognized cabinet said loyalist forces had launched an offensive to "liberate" Tripoli.

The capital was seized in August by Dawn of Libya, a militia alliance which includes Islamists that has installed its own government and legislature in Tripoli.

The Tripoli parliament's delegation threatened to walk out of U.S.-sponsored peace talks in the Moroccan resort of Skhirat when the fighting erupted.

But U.N. mediator Bernardino Leon said the delegates "agreed that at the end of the day, even with this military escalation, it is more important what we are trying to do here. It is more important to stay here."

"Libya is not divided into two camps. Libya is fragmented," said Leon, adding that the delegates in Morocco have "strong support back home."

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