Electricity restored in Egypt’s Media City after explosion

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Electricity has been restored to Egypt Media Production City after an explosion in two nearby electricity towers led to a complete blackout on early Tuesday morning.

The power was cut which led many television channels to go off air. There have been no causalities reported.

Six bombs were detonated; they were located four kilometers away from the Egyptian satellite-operation company Nilesat, according to the state news agency MENA.

“The towers are located outside the media city. The explosion interrupted the broadcast, we are looking for generators to revamp the area with electricity so that the channels can resume broadcast,” Head of the Media City, Osama Heikal told Al Arabiya News Channel.

According to an official at the Egyptian ministry of electricity, the costs of repairing the pylons will be around 1.5 million Egyptian pounds ($ 197,000).

Heikal added that the channels used the backup electricity system which enables them to cope with emergency breakdowns by broadcasting for 45 minutes. However, they need to find a new source of electricity to be able to broadcast.

Recently, there have been various cases of bomb attacks targeting electricity targets.

Egypt has been facing improvised bombs attacks in various cities across the country. Two days ago, at least twelve people died in separate attacks on a police station in Northern city of Sinai.