U.N. arms embargo victory for Yemenis: Spokesman

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The Saudi-led military campaign combating the Houthi advance in Yemen lauded on Tuesday a Security Council resolution imposing an arms embargo on the Iran-backed militias, Al Arabiya News Channel reported.

Operation Decisive Storm central command also called upon Houthi militias to adhere to the resolution, adopted unanimously in Tuesday’s session of the Security Council, and to turn in their arms, Brig. Gen. Ahmed Al Asiri told reporters in Riyadh.

As to the ongoing military campaign in Yemen, Asiri said it has fulfilled “most” of its aims adding that Houthi and deposed leader Ali Abdullah Saleh militias have now restored to a defensive role in the southern city of Aden.

Airstrikes targeted an academic institution in the city of Bayda where the Houthis have taken refuge and been storing their weapons, the spokesman said.

Additionally, Shiite militias, along with militants loyal to Saleh, turned schools in Aden into weapon depots where they stored ammunition in quantities “beyond the imagination,” he added.

Answering questions on activity in Yemeni waters, Asiri said that since the Yemeni presidency asked for the implementation of a restricted naval zone, the coalition will continue to monitor all ships regardless of their country of origin.

Saudi Arabia is leading a 10-state coalition to counter the Houthi advance of the embattled country after they seized the capital Sanaa earlier this year.

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