UAE woman who shouted at actress in mall faces legal action

The UAE woman shouted at a tourist for 'disrepecting' the country's dress code

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A woman who filmed two actresses at a Dubai store as they shouted at them for what they were wearing, claiming it was indecent, faces possible legal action UAE news website Emirates 24/7 has reported citing Dubai-based Arabic daily Al Bayan.

Al Arabiya News previously reported that Egyptian actress Abeer Sabry was filmed being told off by what was claimed to be an Emirati woman about not respecting the dress code.

The video (shown below), which went viral in little over 24 hours, shows the UAE woman saying: “This is my country, I say what I want to say. Wear respectful clothes.”

Sabry, and another woman who was with her, responded: “Who are you? Is it your job to tell me this? What does it have to do with you?”

But the Emirati woman’s actions might have backfired, according to the report she could now face legal action.

It is illegal in the UAE to film or take and publish photos of anyone without their consent.

According to the report Major-General Khalil Ibrahim Al-Mansouri, Assistant Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police for Criminal Investigation, told Dubai-based Arabic daily Al Bayan that all visitors to Dubai should be respected and well treated.

He said the woman who shouted at and filmed the two actresses was ‘infringing on the privacy of the actresses’ and he said her behavior was ‘not in accordance with the culture of the UAE.’

As such, he said legal action would be taken against the woman for giving a ‘bad and incorrect impression about UAE society’ the report added.

Now - he said - Dubai Police will review security camera footage, once they have contacted the actresses.

Maj-Gen Al Mansouri was also reported as having said that the clothes the two women were wearing were ‘normal and decent.’

Meanwhile Egyptian actress Abeer Sabry, who was one of the women shouted at was reported as having told Al Bayan that she liked to visit the UAE and that she was fond of Dubai.

She told the newspaper: “What happened in the mall was really very weird where the woman criticized me in a very harsh manner, when I was dressed in normal clothes.”

Sabry said this was not her first trip to the UAE, specifically Dubai, and added that she felt it was a ‘beautiful city.’

She added: “I have not encountered any obstacles before. Two days ago, I was with a girl friend at a boutique in at shopping mall in Dubai, when I was surprised as this woman approached me and began talking inappropriately. There were about six of them with her. One of them claimed I am wearing indecent clothes and I should respect the UAE.

“She continued to scream forcing me to react inappropriately. But, I kept my head on my nerves and made payments for the stuff I purchased and left the place quickly, while she continued threatening me.”

The report added that she said she would file a complaint to police about the incident, especially since the video went viral.

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