Saudi mosque bombing survivors leave hospital

Forty-three injured survivors of the mosque attack have been released from hospital, 42 victims are still undergoing treatment

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Forty-three injured survivors of the Al-Qudaih mosque attack were released from Qatif Central Hospital on Sunday, Al-Hayat reported.

Eastern Province Health Affairs reported 42 victims are still undergoing treatment, 12 of whom are in intensive care.

A source from the directorate said: “The number of casualties so far remains 21.

“The directorate will continue its work in following up with the released patients and offer social and emotional support to all injured victims and the families of the deceased victims.”

Ali Ahmad Al-Awa, imam of Al-Qudaih’s Ali Bin Abi Talib Mosque for the past 10 years, said last Friday’s bombing was the “most intense 45 minutes of his life”.

He said: “I felt like I was on my first day as a volunteer in this mosque when I first started.

“I was running around after the bombing, pulling bodies from underneath ruins and carrying them to the paramedics.”

He added officials from the Kingdom and abroad came to the mosque to console the families of the victims.

“The neighborhood volunteered to clean up the mosque and renovate it. Everyone, regardless of their age, came together to repair the damage caused by the bombing.

“We prayed our first prayer after the bombing on Sunday.”

Qassim Police head Badr Al-Talib said the incident was “definitely traumatic” for the people of Qatif.

He said: “The barbaric act is not of our religion or of our culture.

“We will always stand together as Muslim citizens and impose peace after every terror through unity and solidarity.”

A mass funeral for the victims of Friday’s attack was held in Qatif on Monday.

This was first published by the Saudi Gazette.