Saudi king in Ramadan address: We reject sectarianism and sedition

During his speech, the Saudi king also said that the kingdom had full confidence in Saudi citizens

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Saudi King Salman bin Abdul Aziz said in a Wednesday address marking the start of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan that his country will stand in the way of sectarianism and will not allow sedition.

“With the help of God, we are shielding our country and citizens against sedition, unrest and sectarian tensions,” King Salman said.

“We emphasize our total rejection of sectarian categorization and we are aware of its dangers to national cohesion in our country,” he said in the message carried by the official Saudi Press Agency (SPA).

In Ramadan, Muslims around the world refrain from eating, drinking, smoking, or marital relations from sunrise to sunset.

During his speech, the Saudi king also said that the kingdom had full confidence in Saudi citizens.

“We also emphasize that our confidence in the Saudi citizen has no limits. We will not tolerate those who are negligent, and we will hold accountable whoever attempts to undermine our security and our religious and national values,” King Salman said.

“Our religion is the religion of love, compassion and tolerance and its message was revealed as a mercy to the people. Its path is the path of goodness and construction; and its approach is that of moderation, dialogue and intimacy. Our religion unifies rather than separates. Our religion renounces violence and terrorism,” he said.

The monarch added that that Ramadan should be used to boost religious and professional commitments.

Also in celebration of the Holy month of Ramadan, King Salman sent cables of congratulations to leaders of Islamic countries, according to SPA.

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