Exclusive: Qaddafi’s cousin condemns death sentence of Saif al-Islam

Gaddaf Al Dam said the sentence blows up every hope and initiative for a dialogue and for Libya’s stability

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Ahmed Qaddaf Al Dam, Colonel Muammar Qaddafi’s cousin and former intelligences top ranked official, strongly condemned the death sentence decided by a Libyan court toward top ranked former Colonel’s aids among them his son Saif Al Islam.

In an exclusive statement to Al Arabiya News, Gaddaf Al Dam, said “This sentence blows up every hope and initiative for a dialogue and for Libya’s stability.” He added that sentences open the door wide wide to the violence.

“I am deeply surprised over whoever was astonished by this sentence. We are now before gangs carrying executions every morning outside the law’s frame. The prisons are full with more than 40000 between men and women who did not nothing except refusing the state of falsehood which resulted in a forced displacement and exodus of not less than the half of the Libyan people” he said.

The former official, who is based now in Egypt- his mother’s home country- throws “the full responsibility of these sentences and of what is taking place, to the countries which participated in overthrowing the Libyan state and destroying its army." He added “ this responsibility includes the crimes carried out, displacement and the destruction which are taking place in our country Libya.”

He called for “an urgent intervention to stop these dolls” and said “I am expecting reactions which will destroy everything and everybody if we don’t take an action that fixes the situation and then we will not be able to know who would be tried.”

His cousin Saif al-Islam has been sentenced to death after he was found guilty of war crimes by a court in war-torn Libya and he had appeared at hearings by video-link, as he was captured, in late 2011 - by a militia from the town of Zintan, which is fighting Tripoli-based brigades in the country's civil war.

Also sentenced to death were Col Gaddafi's notorious security chief and brother-in-law, Abdullah Senussi, accused by some of masterminding the Lockerbie bombing, and his prime minister, Al-Baghdadi al-Mahmoudi.

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