Yemen’s Hadi vows to liberate entire country

Yemeni President Hadi said the advances were possible thanks to the Popular Resistance and the army

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Yemeni President Abdrabbu Mansour Hadi said on Monday that advances in Yemen will continue forcefully until the liberation of the entire country, according to Al Arabiya News Channel.

Hadi said the advances against Houthi militias were made possible thanks to the members of the Popular Resistance as well as the national army.

Yemeni sources said that that Hadi was closely monitoring the developments in Yemen.

On Monday, pro-Hadi forces seized the country’s largest military base from the Iranian-backed Houthi militias after heavy clashes which left dozens killed or captured.

The recapture of the al-Anad military base opens up the road north to the city of Taez, where Houthi militias have been locked in combat with local fighters siding with Hadi.

Saudi Arabia is leading a coalition that has been pursuing an air campaign inside Yemen since March against the Houthis.
The Houthis control the capital, Sanaa, and northern parts of the deeply impoverished Arabian Peninsula nation.