Yemen says Taez will be freed in ‘next two days’

Maj. Gen. Abdou Mohamed al-Hudhaifi says the army and Popular Resistance Forces have

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Yemen's Interior Minister, Maj. Gen. Abdou Mohamed al-Hudhaifi has said on Friday that there is progress on three fronts in Taez by the Yemeni army and Popular Resistance Forces and that the area would likely be freed from Houthi “in the next two days.”

Hudhaifi said in a statement to Al Arabiya News’ sister channel Al Hadath that more than 75 per cent of the people of Taez recognize the legitimacy of the government and reject the presence of Houthi militias and the foces of ousted Former Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh.


He also added that there some areas which were the exception but that they did not pose an overall threat to the progress made by the army and the resistance forces.

Hudhaifi told Al Hadath that there are currently three fronts where battles are currently being front – in the north, west and south – where relative peace prevails in the eastern parts. He also added that the Houthi and Saleh militias are attempting to focus their efforts on the east but that the rebel group is slowly heading to a state of confusion and collapse.

Hudhaifa predicts that Taez will be completely freed from militias “during the next two days.”

French hostage freed

Meanwhile, French hostage Isabelle Prime, who was released in Yemen after nearly six months of captivity, arrived in neighboring Oman on Friday on her way home.

The French presidency announced late on Thursday that 30-year-old Prime, who worked as a consultant on a World Bank-funded project in Yemen, had been freed by her captors.

Since Prime's abduction, the situation in Yemen has become more complex. Yemen’s President Abdrabbu Mansour Hadi fled into exile in March after Iranian-allied Houthi fighters, who had seized the capital Sanaa last September, advanced towards his southern stronghold in Aden.

Yemen's Arab neighbours have intervened in the country to halt the advance of the Houthis - Shi'ite Muslims from the north. The Houthis have been pounded with hundreds of air strikes for more than four months now.

(With AFP)

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