'Death-before-dishonor drowning in Dubai' - a story from 1996 not 2015

Curious readers - especially those who know Dubai well - were confused

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This week's viral story of a South Asian father whose daughter drowned at a Dubai beach after he allegedly stopped lifeguards from saving her, turned out to be dated back to about 20 years ago.

According to the English local website Emirates 24/7 , it is claimed the unnamed man said he would rather his daughter die than be touched by a strange man, Lt. Col Ahmed Burqibah, Deputy Director of Dubai Police’s Search and Rescue Department, was quoted as saying.

Dubai police later arrested the father for having blocked rescue teams from doing their job and saving his daughter's life.

However, curious readers - especially those who know Dubai well - were confused as in 2015, Dubai police force and civil defense rescuers have both male and female officers.

Wile the English website did not mention the date of the story in its article, the Arabic website "Emarat Alyoum" mentioned that lifeguards had been asked to recount the strangest things that had happened to them, and they mentioned this case of the Asian man who prevented his daughter’s rescue, but, it was back in 1996.

The article quoted Lt. Col Ahmed Burqibah as saying: “ One of the strangest incidents we have faced during our work, was one dated back to 1996, when kids were swimming in the beach and suddenly, the 20-year-old girl started drowning and screaming for help...Two rescue men were at the beach, and they rushed to help the girl...The father was a tall and strong man.

"He started pulling and preventing the rescue men and got violent with them. He told them that he prefers his daughter being dead than being touched by a strange man. She died unfortunately, at a time when she had a chance to live, especially that the rescue men were so close to her to pulling her out of the water.”

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