Iran’s health minister: Hajj stampede ‘was out of Saudi’s control’

During the meeting, both Ministers discussed bilateral relations and the current medical situation of Iranian pilgrims

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Saudi Arabia Minister of Health Khalid bin Abdulaziz Al-Falih met with his Iranian counterpart Hassan Hashimi on Thursday to discuss the incident of the Hajj stampede.

During the meeting, both Ministers discussed bilateral relations, in addition to the current medical situation of Iranian pilgrims, mechanisms to transport those who passed away during the Mina stampede incident, and following up on the medical treatments of those injured and hospitalized.

Al-Falih conveyed the condolences of Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud to the Iranian government and the families of the deceased, asserting Saudi Arabia’s willingness to cooperate with the Iranian government on all measures.

For his part, the Iranian minister hailed Saudi efforts, response in dealing with the incident and providing all medical and ambulance services to all the victims, expressing an understanding of the difficult task undertaken by the Saudi government and the services it accords during the Hajj season and the dedication in carrying them out.

The parties agreed to transport the bodies of the dead Iranians who were identified as soon as possible and continue to communicate to identify the rest and take care of the situation of the injured.

At the end of the meeting the Iranian Minister of Health Hassan Hashemi said the stampede was “something out of people's control.”

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