Photo of Saudi suicide mosque bomber emerges

Saad Saeed al-Harthy was behind a suicide bomb attack on a Najran mosque that killed at least one person, according to authorities

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Security spokesman for the Saudi Interior Ministry has indentified the suicide bomber who targeted a mosque in Najran on Monday night as Saad Saeed al-Harthy.

Al Arabiya has learned from official sources al-Harthy is 35 years of age and hails from the city of Taif.

He had re-entered Saudi Arabia illegally from Syria, following nearly four years of absence after spending time with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) extremist group.

His father notified authorities sometime in 2011 of his son’s disappearance from Saudi Arabia, who reportedly first left to Lebanon and then went to Syria.

The Saudi interior ministry on Monday said at least one was “martyred” after a suicide bomber targeted worshipers who were exiting a mosque after finishing their prayers in the Saudi city of Najran, close to the Yemeni frontier.

While the ministry said one was killed, Al Arabiya News Channel reported that at least three people were killed and 19 others were wounded.

Initial reports also said the attacker targeted the worshipers inside al-Mashhad mosque in the southwestern city but the Saudi interior ministry said the incident took place at the courtyard of the mosque.

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