Yemen to request joining GCC after restoring stability

Planning Minister Mohammed Maytami said Yemen is currently cooperating with its Gulf partners to discuss joining the GCC secretariat

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Yemeni Minister of Planning Mohammed Maytami said Yemen will apply to join the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) after security is restored in the country.

In an interview with Al-Arabiya, the minister said Yemeni President Abdrabbu Mansur Hadi will submit an official request to join the GCC after political stability is achieved and development and construction plans are launched.

“Yemen is today (fighting) a huge political battle. When (we) are done with it, joining (the GCC) will be the next step within the (context) of strategic (plans),” the minister said.

On the timing and process of joining the GCC, he said official procedure requires certain steps that begin with the Yemeni President Hadi filing an official request.

“This measure will be discussed at the right time,” Maytami said.

He said Yemen is currently cooperating with its Gulf partners to discuss joining the GCC secretariat, adding that all Gulf countries welcome this move and that Gulf officials’ statements voice the importance of Yemen’s inclusion in the GCC.

The strategy of joining the GCC follows the same model of the European Union, which is rehabilitating some countries to further empower them, Maytami said, adding that work is underway with Yemen’s Gulf partners to prepare a comprehensive vision via a construction and development plan.

The planning minister said a specialized commission in Yemen is working on meeting Yemen’s needs via a program that addresses healthcare, education, energy and housing services.

“This program is the basic pillar towards achieving (the aim) of joining (the GCC),” Maytami said.

The minister also voiced the importance of integrating Yemen with its Gulf surrounding saying this is part of regional and Gulf security.

“The security and political challenges Yemen confronted affected the local situation and also threatened regional and Gulf stability,” he said, adding it’s therefore important for Yemen to join the GCC.

This article is also available in Arabic.

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