Week of heavy rain floods Mideast with chaos - and trash

Slow-moving storm will continue to threat the region with bad weather through Friday

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After deadly flooding and thunderstorms stuck parts of the Middle East during the recent days, a slow-moving storm will continue to threat the region with bad weather through Friday.

Forecasters expect daily showers and thunderstorms to become more isolated from the Mediterranean coast of Syria into Jordan and western Iraq on Friday.

Heavy rains wreaking havoc in Iraq have brought military operations to wrest the city of Ramadi back from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) group to a halt, senior army officers said Friday.

Huge floods have swept through much of North Africa and the Middle East over the past week, devastating vital infrastructure and leaving rubbish flowing through streets.

In Egypt, Alexandria, the second largest in the country, was the worst affected. Seven people were killed on Sunday when a power line feeding the city’s tram system fell into the water and electrocuted several pedestrians. (VIDEO)

In Lebanon, the government was blamed after heavy rainfall left bags of rubbish streaming down the streets of Beirut.

Schools and colleges were closed on Wednesday after heavy rains lashed Kuwait since the early morning. The Ministry of Public Works said emergency teams had been deployed in the country’s governorates to deal with any accident resulting from the stormy weather.

The Saudis welcomed the rain season amid fears of some citizens putting themselves at risk in the stormy weather.

The U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees has announced that more than seven hundred thousand refugees have arrived in Europe through the Mediterranean this year, and warned of dangers facing them due to the coming expected harsh winter weather.